Blockchain Security

Blockchain technology is inherently insecure. This is due partly to the number of interconnected components (infrastructure, nodes, smart contracts, user wallets/smart cards, and user interactions), the complexity of the mechanisms (hashing, encryption, and public/private keys) required to support the technology, and the limited knowledge of the emerging technology.


Your blockchain solutions will have security vulnerabilities. Whether you find them and fix them, or the attackers find them and exploit them --- they exist!

Our blockchain security assessments helps you to identify and mitigate security vulnerabilities hidden in your blockchain solutions, to reduce risk, and prove to potential customers that your blockchain solutions are secured.

Our Blockchain Security Advantage



We're trusted by several organizations as security advisors to conduct security reviews and assessments to uncover hidden vulnerabilities within their applications. We advised organizations on their blockchain endeavors from cryptocurrency implementation

to blockchain forensics.


We serve as Subject Matter Experts with several leading professional organizations including ISACA and ISC2 supporting the development of several assessment and audit standards for emerging technologies including artificial intelligence, Internet-of-Things (IoT), blockchain framework,

and blockchain preparation audit program.


Our employees hold elite professional certifications including Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP) and Certified Blockchain Security Professional (CBSP).

We present blockchain-security related presentations and seminars at leading industry conferences, and publish

several blockchain articles and whitepapers.

Securely Unlocking the Business Value

for Your Blockchain Solutions 


We employ a multi-phased risk management approach that

helps organizations to better design, develop, deploy, and secure blockchain solutions.

We perform intensive examination of the technology stack supporting your blockchain solutions through the system development life cycle to ensure appropriate safeguards are implemented to secure the solutions.

Uncover Security


Our blockchain security

experts perform smart contract code reviews, conduct intensive vulnerability assessments using leading blockchain security analysis tools, and execute intensive penetration tests to identify security weaknesses before your blockchain solutions go to market.

Accountable Expert 



We don't just tell you about

the security vulnerabilities of

your blockchain solutions. We actively involve in identifying

and recommending the most effective mitigation, enabling customers to bring solutions

to market ahead of the competition.