Data Protection

Why is Data Protection Important?

Data is invaluable. Businesses, hospitals, financial institutions, the government, and every other industry are highly dependent on the data they collect, transmit, store, and maintain. Simply put, data runs operations and is required to successfully meet business needs. And with emerging privacy regulations, such as the GDPR and CCPA, organizations are now held accountable to a higher degree for handling and protecting your data. To continue to operate, organizations must implement a privacy program, which is typically adopted into the security program.

Information Security vs. Data Protection

However, oftentimes, information security and data protection are perceived as one in the same. With this mindset, data protection and privacy safeguards are unfortunately not prioritized and not implemented properly or effectively.​

Information Security

Protecting data through access control (physical or digital) to ensure data is not being modified, disclosed, or destroyed without authorization

Data Protection

Protecting the consumer's rights and respect to collect, process, share, and retain data, on behalf of the organization

It is imperative that we, as cybersecurity professionals, break this mindset. At Caplock Security, we are 100% focused on data protection. We understand the difference.

Our Data Protection Advantage

  • Our team of cybersecurity experts will partner with you to navigate the complexities of emerging privacy regulations​​.

  • We will conduct an assessment to determine compliance efforts and tailor appropriate measures for your organization's requirements.

  • Leveraging our risk management and information security expertise, we will help you to seamlessly integrate your new privacy regulations with your security program.

  • We will provide expert guidance so that you can focus on your core business objectives and maintain and secure the trust of your customers. 

Integrating Data Protection

Manage your compliance obligations

Develop a privacy culture across the organization

Safeguard your data

Establish a robust security controls framework and enable privacy by design and default

Harness the power of your data

Promote privacy compliant data management practices that turn big data analytics into business insights and data-driven services

Enhance brand trust

Promote a transparent privacy model and enable better customer engagement