Information Security

The U.S. government and U.S. based companies are under threat by foreign and domestic nefarious actors. U.S. intellectual property that keeps the American economy competitive on the global market, and U.S. government intellectual property (i.e., defense engineering and science and technology research) that are critical to national security are under threat. Too often cybersecurity is seen as a compliance checklist or cost pool. This is largely due to organizations belief that cyber incidents can't happen to them and a robust cybersecurity program won't add value. This is a false belief and opens up organizations to unpreparedness and even worse a cyber attack. This way of thinking must change.

Important Questions

Organization Context

  • What is your corporate cybersecurity strategy?

  • What is the sensitivity  and criticality of the information systems and data within?

  • What is leadership's attitude toward information security and data protection?

  • What is your organization's biggest cybersecurity challenge?

Security Architecture

  • Is your current security architecture built to secure and protect or built to comply?

  • Does your security program achieve your cybersecurity strategy?

  • What is your organization's cybersecurity capability level?

  • Is your cybersecurity program prepared to respond to cyber attacks if it were to occur today?

Laws, Regulations, and Standards (Compliance)

  • What is the legal and financial risks from a cybersecurity failure?

  • Have your cybersecurity controls (people, process, and technology) been implemented to comply across all regulatory and standard requirements?

Caplock Security consultants and security experts advise organization’s on their cybersecurity strategy and tactical plans to better safeguard and protect the organization.

Achieve Your Mission with Caplock Security

What We Offer

  • Our team of cybersecurity experts are dedicated to helping organizations solve complex cybersecurity challenges.

  • We understand that there is no one-size-fits-all solution in cybersecurity.

  • We provide action-oriented recommendations with architecture designs, resource planning, and prioritization that can be presented to company stakeholders.

  • We partner with our clients throughout the entire process to ensure success even after engagements are complete.

Our Process

  • Perform information gathering and reviews (i.e., interviews, walkthroughs, technical analysis, etc.) to get an understanding of the problem

  • Present the findings and observations

  • Design the solution

  • Develop the security architecture plan

  • Create cybersecurity roadmap

  • Deliver security artifacts and final report

  • Ensure knowledge transfer and hand-off

  • Implement a security architecture plan

  • Deploy security solutions which includes technical and procedural controls