Gartner defines information security program (ISP) management as the discipline of designing, implementing and maturing security practices to protect critical business processes and IT assets across the enterprise. This holistic approach requires CIO and IT leaders to align security policies and procedures and risk-based controls with business needs, establish clear accountability for information security, and drive awareness of security practices and policies. They must be able to hire, develop and retain cybersecurity workforce that can tackle the emerging threats and the complexity of tools and technologies to secure their enterprise.

Caplock Security's ISP Management service enables CIO, CISO and other IT leaders to quickly adopt, tailor, and launch an effective ISP using our time-tested playbook:

  • Perform a baseline assessment of the organization's maturity in key security practices and determine the current state of the program.

  • Define the target state, the related security requirements and their alignment to business objectives, and formalize the strategic plan that establish accountability and alignment to the business objectives or organization's mission.

  • Identify gaps with actionable activities for their mitigation including including any processes, policies and procedures, and technologies to be leveraged in the tactical plan to ensure that successful implementation of the strategic plan.

  • Formalize the tactical plan to oversee the details of the implementation.

  • Define ongoing metrics and their monitoring as health indicators of the ISP.


No matter what the organization needs, Caplock security will be there to support you every step of the program’s life-cycle.

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