Part 5: Blockchain Technology - Implications

In Part 5 of this multipart series on blockchain technology, we will discuss the implications of blockchain technology. Let's get started! Regulatory Oversight. Blockchain technology is getting increasingly more oversight from state and Federal regulators across multiple countries as the cryptocurrencies are becoming more visible and valuable. Partly, the technology offers capabilities that circumvent established safeguards against money laundering, and the raising of investments and funds. Other reasons may due to rising concerns for scams and speculations by unsophisticated investors. Limited Expertise. Blockchain technology is not well understood by many developers due to the complexity


Blockchain technologies have the potential to disrupt and displace current businesses and solutions. BCBcon is a full-day conference focused on blockchain technology and crypto. We will have 25+ thought leading speakers, a showcase of 15 promising blockchain companies, and 300+ top entrepreneurs, business leaders, CXOs, angels, VC, and investors. Full day of education and connecting 5 "All Star" panels. Topics include: How to Survive and Thrive in the Blockchain Age Secrets to Doing a Successful ICO Tokenization of Real Estate, Law and Financial Services All Things Crypto Disruption in Healthcare, Energy and Transportation Rockstar Keynote Speaker 15 Emerging Blockchain Tech Companies And Ne

Part 4: Blockchain Technology - Fundamental Elements

In Part 4 of this multipart series on blockchain technology, we will cover the remaining key attributes and functions underlying the blockchain's unique charecteristics. Let's get started! Smart Contracts. Smart contracts are underlying collections of code and data, or business logics, when deployed to a blockchain, allow for the automated execution of transactions that support, verify or enforce the performance of a contract. A smart contract can perform calculations, store information, and automatically trigger other smart contracts. The use of smart contracts on the blockchain enables the development of new applications enabling people to sell realties, exchange shares, money, and docume

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