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Our Story

Caplock Security is a consultancy that specializes in cybersecurity, regulatory compliance, and blockchain security. From emerging technologies to existing operations, our mission is to provide maximum cybersecurity effectiveness and optimal regulatory compliance to U.S. government agencies, contracting companies, DoD contractors, and financial institutions.

Our Vision

Caplock Security views information as an organization’s capital asset. Information drives business, operations, and growth. Accordingly, information use and safeguard should be managed like a capital asset. Caplock Security’s goal is to enable management to monitor and report on cyber security programs and stay informed with cyber security implications of emerging technology and regulations.



The Caplock Security Difference

Caplock Security understands information security and regulatory compliance from every angle, enabling us to strike a unique balance between security and regulatory compliance to deliver more lasting results.

Our understanding of technologies and their impact offers invaluable insight for our clients when securing emerging technology or delivering innovative security solutions to address cybersecurity challenges to modern enterprises. 

Caplock Security is the trusted advisor to key decision makers to help shape and manage information security programs and implement regulatory compliance management.