Perform Control Implementation on a System

Updated: Apr 27

In Part 3 of the Assessment Accelerator, we will review how AA can rapidly implement control implementation for your organization.

By this time you have already categorized your system and set the assessment view, or the assessment plan to be performed. If you have not, review Part 2 of this post.

Navigate your cursor to the topmost row of the control to be assessed under the column M – Implementation Status. Select the applicable Implementation Status from the AA Menubar and the selected implementation status will be marked for the control. Additional implementation statuses can be selected by expanding the + icon.

In the Implementation Details, you can enter the Observation and Evidence details. If you need additional information on what the details of the control, you can select to display the Details window.

Enter the Implementation Details and select Save to store the details. The application will timestamp the date and time of the save action against that record. Typically, artifacts are stored on shared drives/repository with the URLs with the record.

If auto advance is enabled, the applicable will skip to the next control to be reviewed for the selected assessment plan, similar to what is shown below.

If we want to see the results of the controls, we select the Statuses button from the AA menubar and then the Statistics tab will be updated with the current information.

Column J of the Statistics tab highlights control families where the control implementation and assessment of any control has yet to be completed. If the Dashboard button is selected, the Dashboard tab will display the current control implementation and assessment progression and their results.

Both the Statistics and Dashboard also provide additional information based on any risk identified which we will discuss next week as we will cover the assessment portion of the Assessment Accelerator.

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