Conduct Control Effectiveness Review on a System

Updated: Apr 27

In the last part we discussed how control implementation can be documented. This week, we will discuss how to document control effectiveness based on the collected evidence. Assessment result for the control (column N) can be selected by clicking on one of the assessment statuses from the AA Menubar. When selected, the user is presented with the Control Effectiveness Details dialog as shown below.

From this dialog, the user can add additional details if required for the selected status. Please note that if the selected status is Fully Satisfied, there would not be a need to add any additional details starting with Identified Risk. One another note, it is also possible for the assessor to have a control implementation status ad Fully met, but teh control assessment status as Otehr than Satisfied. If the assessor determines that the control implementation was not effective, even though its implementation status is fully implemented, the assessor can select Other Than Satisfied status. In this option the assessor is required to provide additional details starting with the Risk Identified.

Once the details have been entered the user can select Statuses under Analyses to see the updated results under Statistics and Dashboard Tabs.

When multiple controls have been implemented and assessed, the Statistics and Dashboard tabs will update with additional information.

The next blog session we will bring discuss how Dashboard and Reports worth within Assessment Accelerator.

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