Are you ready for Blockchain Technology - Beyond the Hype?

Updated: Apr 27

Tuan Phan will discuss Blockchain Technology at ISACA’s CSX 2018 North America, a Cybersecurity Nexus (CSX) conference in Las Vegas, NV, set for 15-17 October 2018.

In his presentation, titled “Blockchain Technology: Beyond the Hype,” Tuan Phan will provide the in-depth understanding needed for today's IT professionals to better evaluate and utilize blockchain-based technologies. After completing this session, attendees will be able to:

  • Comprehend the different types of blockchain, their high-level design characteristics and constraints, costs and benefits, and their generalized usages across various industries.

  • Learn the fundamental characteristics and design elements behind the blockchain technology, how the technology provides immutability to transactions, facilitates consensus, and provide resiliency for businesses.

  • Understand the implications of adopting blockchain technology within an enterprise including regulatory landscape, availability of expertise, security and development risks, and the evolving technology framework.

  • How to best position your organization to adopt the disruptive blockchain technology while reducing risks and missteps made by other early adopters.

Tuan’s talk will be among the many scheduled sessions featuring a range of topics including technical skills, cyber strategy and career development program components at CSX North America, held at The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas during Cyber Security Awareness Month.

This year’s event will offer five educational pathways: • Cybersecurity Leadership & Development • Emerging Security Tools & Techniques • Security Risk & Compliance • Cyber Threat Intelligence & Technologies • Security Governance

The conference also will offer a special plenary panel on the culture of cybersecurity at various enterprises, driven by soon-to-be-released ISACA research, as well as speakers and events from ISACA’s SheLeadsTech program.

Caplock Security is a cybersecurity consultancy with specialization on emerging technologies including machine learning and blockchain techs. Our founders are not just security professionals with security certifications, but we are also technology professionals with experience in evaluation, development, and implementation of enterprise applications and systems. Our unique expertise enables us to effectively position and improve the posture for governance, risk and compliance for organizations.

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