ISACA CSX NA - Blockchain Technology - Beyond the Hype

Updated: Apr 27

Tuan Phan introduced the attendees to a fresh perspective of blockchain technology and how it may impact the IT auditing and cybersecurity professionals in the coming years.

Tuan approached the topic a bit differently and the presentation is rated as intermediate level. The presentation was not about cryptocurrencies but was on the core concepts of blockchain. The presentation was a combination of powerpoint slides and hands-on demo of a simple blockchain application built using Hyperledger Fabric. Tuan also demonstrated how crypto-mining work using his own mining setup on Ethereum public network.

The following areas were discussed:

  • What is Blockchain?

  • Use Cases

  • The Flavors

  • Key Characteristics

  • Implications

  • Pain & Gain

  • Key Takeaways

  • Hyperledger Fabric - Asset Exchange Demo

The details from can be downloaded here.

Highlights of the session are below:

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