Blockchain Threat and Financial Institutions - Part 1

Updated: Apr 27

Financial Institutions such as banks and credit unions have been experimenting with blockchain technology over the past years with varying degrees of success with use cases from identity management to cross-border payments, just to name a few. It is no longer a question if blockchain technology will impact financial institutions but is more about how the impact will play out and to what extent. Accordingly, leading financial institutions are repositioning and augmenting their offerings to their customers to reduce or mitigate the impact of emerging blockchain-based applications. This multi-part webinar intends to increase awareness for executives of financial institutions to better understand the encroaching blockchain threat to effectively craft a response strategy.

In this, part one, of the webinar, our teams at Caplock Security and InfoSight will discuss the various matters of blockchain including:

  • The emergence of blockchain technology and why financial institutions should be concerned

  • The major use cases of blockchain unique to financial institutions including the key drivers and their impact

  • What are the key components and concepts underpinning blockchain technology and how to select the appropriate blockchain platform for the organization​

The presentation can be obtained from this link.

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