2019 InfoSecurity Conference

Updated: Apr 27

Security experts anticipate an increase in the adoption of blockchain technology in 2019 as enterprises seize opportunities pursue new business models and reduce transaction costs using blockchain technology. As a result, the blockchain security vulnerabilities and data breaches are expected to raise to a new level. To safeguard against these threats and vulnerabilities, IT professional.

Tuan Phan provided at an interactive demo of key aspects blockchain security, the exploits, and how they can be mitigated as part of the 2019 InfoSecurity Conference. Learning objectives delivered include:

  • Introduce to the key concepts of a public and private blockchain network. What are the basic security hygiene on blockchain network?

  • Learn how to identify and differentiate security threats and attacks on a Blockchain network, and how they can be applied against both public and private blockchain networks.

  • How to conduct blockchain security analysis for infrastructure, node, user wallet and smart contracts. Observe actual demos how certain vulnerabilities can be exploited.

  • Identify and implement blockchain security methods, best practices, and risk mitigation. Learn the ideal configurations or design architecture to reduce the risk profile for the blockchain network.

His presentation can be obtained from this link.

Some highlights from this well-attended event are below:

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