Biden to Convene 30-Nation Meeting to Combat Ransomware

Earlier this week, the Biden administration announced that the United States would collaborate with thirty countries to discuss global cybersecurity threats and tactics to combat them. This follows multiple executive orders and legislation dating back to May when critical infrastructure entities, including the Colonial Pipeline were disrupted by a ransomware attack that wreaked havoc on oil supply chains. The meeting comes after the President met with industry leaders including Amazon, Apple, and Google to discuss the growing cybersecurity threats. The President encouraged them and received promises for enhanced security across the supply chain.

In his statement, Biden stressed partnership between the federal government and privacy companies. Apple previously promised to work with suppliers to broaden adoption of security controls such as multi-factor authentication, vulnerability management, logging and monitoring, incident response, and security training and awareness. Biden reiterated this effort and pushed for encryption, multi-factor authentication, and secure design and development of our products. The US plans to work with NATO as well as G7 Partners to work across public and private to secure the nation’s infrastructure against cyber threats. Russia was not one of the 30 countries invited to participate, as it is suspected they routinely engage in cyber-attacks against the United States.

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