ISACA Releases Blockchain Framework and Guidance Document

Caplock Security is pleased to announce that Tuan Phan was a contributing author in the development of the ISACA Blockchain Framework and Guidance book.

This document provides foundational information, practical guidance and proposed tools for proper blockchain implementation, governance, security, audit and assurance. The unique aspects of blockchain technology and the blockchain touchpoints with existing technology ecosystems are explained in detail. In addition, Blockchain Framework and Guidance maps existing technology implementation disciplines into the process of blockchain adoption. This document is an ideal companion for Technology team/chief technology officer/chief information security officer, Product team/frontline employees, and Legal team (external or internal) to provide:

  • Insight into the underlying working mechanics of the technology and the IT risk it may entail.

  • Understanding into how blockchain may affect the products/services that the enterprise offers and how the changes are likely to be received by customers/partners/vendors.

  • Advice on regulatory issues and changes that may be needed in contracts and other legal documents

Drawing on his blockchain development and blockchain security experience, Tuan contributed to several key areas of the document including the Generic Blockchain Reference Architecture which provides the common language for discussion across different blockchain platforms, and the Security and Privacy considerations to address different security and privacy attacks and their mitigation.

For the executives, ISACA also produced a shorter and more concise summary document, the ISACA Blockchain — An Executive View, to provide the summary of core concepts, use cases, and enterprise advantage and disadvantages including security and privacy risks executives need to know to shape strategic direction around the business of blockchain.

Both documents are available for immediate download from ISACA Bookstore at no cost for ISACA members.

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