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Caplock Security consults and advises the organization's Chief Information Security Officer and Senior Leadership in managing information security risks and asset protection across the organization and network infrastructures.

The results our services strive for are:

  • Prevent the organization losing reputation due to cybersecurity incident or breach.

  • Implement a lean but effective program that is ready to RESPOND and RECOVERY from cyber incidents.

  • Advise the Senior Leadership drive its cybersecurity objectives. This can be achieved by clear presentation of cybersecurity cost justifications and opportunities. 

  • Achieve and maintain ongoing compliance.

The future of blockchain is here. But has the industry given enough thought to security and privacy considerations pertaining to blockchain platform applications? What additional steps can organization to strengthen and secure their blockchain application? 

The impact of blockchain technology come with inherent risks. The technology is not well understood by most professionals due to the complexity of its components and relatively early stage of technology adoption. A poorly designed blockchain platform application increases the likelihood of reputational damage and financial loss to businesses and stakeholders.

Caplock Security helps organizations deploy secure blockchain applications. Our full life-cycle approach ensures the application performs as intended, meeting the requirements of the smart contract, and free of high-risk security flaws that increase the susceptibility of the application to unintended or malicious activity through the life of the application. Our approach provides organizations the know-hows to best allocate limited resources to support revenue generation and to safeguard against possible missteps related to blockchain implementation.

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