The Caplock Security Difference 

Safeguard and Achieve Compliance

Our Services enable your organization to effectively design, safeguard, and achieve compliance using a comprehensive multi-prone defense-in-depth protection approach. From planning, implementing, assessing, or monitoring an information system and its underlying data, our expertise with NIST, FISMA/FedRAMP, DFARS, GDPR, ISO, and CMMC can translate and accelerate your requirements into actionable results.

We help organizations achieve information security program objectives while managing cyber risks that still allow the business to operate effectively. Our consultants have expertise in the following laws, standards, and regulations FISMA/FedRAMP, DFARS, GDPR, ISO, and CMMC.

We help organizations to securely harness the potential of blockchain by finding and mitigating the security vulnerabilities hidden in your blockchain solutions, to reduce risk, and prove to potential customers that your blockchain solutions are secured.

In today's economy, data can be an asset to accelerate a business. Our consultants help organizations to develop and mobilize a data protection strategy that protects data in a way suitable to the business's strategy and objectives.


Caplock Security shared insights on opportunities in blockchain security.

Caplock Security received the 2020 Bronze Award for Technical Article from TABPI in collaboration with ISC2.

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Learn, contribute, and grow with Caplock Security. Send us your current resume.

Learn, contribute, and grow with Caplock Security. Send us your current resume.