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Contingency Planning and Response

Be Prepared

Contingency Planning and Response

Contingency planning refers to interim measures to recover IT services following an emergency or system disruption. Interim measures may include the relocation of IT systems and operations to an alternate site, the recovery of IT functions using alternate equipment, or the performance of IT functions using manual methods.

What will contingency planning and response do for your organization?

IT systems are vulnerable to a variety of disruptions, ranging from mild (e.g., short-term power outage, disk drive failure) to severe (e.g., equipment destruction, fire) from a variety of sources such as natural disasters to terrorist actions.

While many vulnerabilities may be minimized or eliminated through technical, management, or operational solutions as part of the organization’s risk management effort, it is virtually impossible to completely eliminate all risks. In many cases, critical resources may reside outside the organization’s control (such as electric power or telecommunications), and the organization may be unable to ensure their availability. Thus, effective contingency planning, execution, and testing are essential to mitigate the risk of system and service unavailability.

How Do We Help

In order for contingency planning to be successful we will ensure the following:

Understand the IT Contingency Planning Process and its place within the overall Continuity of Operations Plan and Business Continuity Plan process

Develop or reexamine their contingency policy and planning process and apply the elements of the planning cycle, including preliminary planning, business impact analysis, alternate site selection, and recovery strategies.

Develop or reexamine their IT contingency planning policies and plans with emphasis on maintenance, training, and exercising the contingency plan.

Contingency Planning and Response

Accelerate Your Contingency Advisory with Caplock Security:

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We offer a pragmatic, hands-on approach tailored to meet your organization’s individual needs.

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We provide action-oriented recommendations designed to provide time to value in improving your security posture.

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We maximize your investment in Advisory Services through a framework of Workshops to Advisory Engagement to Security Assessment & Testing Services.

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Our Advisory Services team has decades of global experience with a deep understanding of Governance Risk & Compliance (ISO, NIST), Privacy regulations, and PCI DSS Compliance

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